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easter cooking


Comforting fish pie, or whole baked snapper with a zingy citrus salsa... start the Easter break the traditional way.

Supplied Editorial Baked snapper by David herbert
EMBARGO FOR TWAM 4 APRIL 2020 FEE APPLIES Cardigan from Uniqlo 49.95

fashion Q&A

How to nail the #WFH look

What better item during social isolation than the humble cardi? Take it from fashion editor Glynis Traill-Nash...


Guest Chef

Guest Chef Amy Chaplin’s fruit compote recipes

These fruit compotes will transform plain porridge into a sublime breakfast. Or for a quick snack, simply fold into thick yoghurt.

pansies blooming flowers. selective focus. flora and fauna.

how to

Make yourself happy, grow your own flowers

You can’t always buy flowers but they’re easy to grow at home - and will bring a splash of colour into your world.

Board game erudition, educational qualifications, Board biggest Scrabble, vector play with your friends or family game night, to make words from letters


The one word you need to win at Scrabble

Self-isolating is the perfect time to up your table top skills.

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road test

Perfect for all those Millennials going stir crazy

This body scrub promises “that golden hour glow, all day long”. It’ll lift your spirits.

FASHION: Working From Home


Desk duty

Business on the top, party on the bottom - how to dress when working from home


A small girl enjoys reading. For Romeii story on copy the quarantine


Best books for children isolated by coronavirus

With the kids at home, parents may want to take a look at the shortlists for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards.

"First Reformed" Film


Film and TV: What to watch in lockdown

Philippa Hawker offers her daily guide to movies and TV available now from your home.

Author Felicity Volk for Brisbane News


No shortcut to love through lies

The agonising business of false lives a couple must live in order to love and the marriages and families they must betray.

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 28 MARCH 2020 FEE APPLIES Orzo lamb and silverbeet Pic : John Lethlean

Weekend Australian Magazine

Staple genius: pasta’s great unsung hero

Only orzo left on the shelves? Don’t panic: there’s all sorts of interesting dishes one can make with pasta’s unsung hero.

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 28 MARCH 2020 FEE APPLIES Chicken curry by Jen Petrovic Pic : Bec Hudson

Weekend Australian Magazine

The secret to next-level curry

It’s the secret to next-level curry flavour, my Indian chef friend tells me. Who’d have thought it?

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 28 MARCH 2020 Outland denim Pic : supplied

Weekend Australian Magazine

What to do when cabin fever kicks in

In self-isolation? In the down times between Netflix bingeing and comfort baking, here are some tips to beat the boredom.

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 28 MARCH 2020 FEE APPLIES Chocolate shortbread biscuits Pic : Guy Bailey Styling Jenn Tolhurst

Weekend Australian Magazine

Three classic biscuit recipes to master

Cooped up at home with the kids? Or just looking for something to lift the spirits? Here are a few ideas...

A midsection of man outdoors gardening. Copy space.

Weekend Australian Magazine

Veg at home: how to grow your own

What better time to grow your own vegies? Here’s what you need to know...

CUB research reveals a 1C rise on the average monthly temperature means a 2 per cent rise in beer sales. Hannah Rockliffe, 20, and David Swan, 22, enjoy a beer.


Solo drinking on the rise

More Australians are drinking alone to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, new research says.

Retro toilet paper ad for shortage story


The (last) great toilet paper shortage

The 2-ply is still scarce on the shelves. And guess what? The world has been here before.

"Name Chef (Shane Delia) Back in the Kitchen

Food & Drink

Chef fights back with ‘business of the future’

When coronavirus hit, Shane Delia quickly concluded takeaway versions of restaurant food was the wrong model. His solution? An all-new business.

Man sleeping in his bed and snoring loudly

The Times

Snooze after exercise can boost memory

Another reason to snatch a nana nap: after a workout it’s the best way to fend of forgetfulness, and dementia, study says.

A protective mask features on the cover of one erotic novel

The Times

Lust in the lockdown brought to book

For writers of ­erotica, lockdowns cannot keep lustful lovers apart. Titles such as Love in the Lockdown and Sex During the Corona­virus Pandemic emerge.

TWAM 4 March 2017

Weekend Australian Magazine

April may well be our darkest of times

The calamity that has befallen us is an opportunity to press the reset button on our lives and our nation.


Weekend Australian Magazine

Making your own pasta dough

So there’s no pasta and no eggs left in your local store? Relax, we can do this...

NSW Longeuville

Weekend Australian Magazine

The best homes on the market this week

Dream properties for sale around the country, from a resort-like home in the Northern Territory to a $7.5 million beauty in Sydney.

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 11 APRIL 2020 FEE APPLIOES David Herbert chocolate cake Styling David Morgan Pic : Guy Bailey

Weekend Australian Magazine

David Herbert’s sweet treats for Easter

What’s Easter without chocolate? These three recipes are guaranteed to please...

TWAM 21 MAY 2016

Weekend Australian Magazine

Editor’s letter

Trent Dalton’s new series Tales from the Bunker, which kicks off this week, will lift your heart in these odd, distressing times.

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 4 APRIL 2020 FEE APPLIES Wedding dress Pic : Fasih Tahbin

Weekend Australian Magazine

A dress to impress

Married life has begun in the strangest of circumstance for Madina Lalee. But this pre-wedding photo cheers her up.

EMBARGO FOR TWAM 4 APRIL 2020 FEE APPLIES Jacki Weaver Pic : John Tsiavis

Weekend Australian Magazine

‘I lost lots of friends to AIDS but this is worse’

Jacki Weaver on hunkering down at home with her husband, her new Australian film - and her spat with Anjelica Huston.

History: Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine toast with champagne in Switzerland 1946.


Quarantine wine list

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I have wine. From isolation, Nick Ryan finds a way to lubricate the loneliness.

Supplied Editorial Some residents enjoying the silent disco. Source: Supplied.


‘Silent discos’ keeping elderly active

A new technology trial is aiming to bring joy to aged care residents during the COVID-19 lockdown.

A Holden vehicle sits in a car yard in Melbourne on February 17, 2020. - General Motors announced on February 17 it would scrap struggling Australian car brand Holden, with engineering, design and sales operations to be wound down in the coming months. (Photo by William WEST / AFP)


‘It’s over’: Car sales slump a taste of ‘bloodbath’ to come

The motor industry says April sales figures are set to be unimaginably bad, with dealers simply ‘lost for answers’.

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